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Makita Battery Drill

Makita Battery Drill

Makita battery drill Quick Details Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:makita power tool battery Model Number:Makita 24V 3000mAh.

    Detailed description

    Makita battery drill

    Quick Details

    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:makita power tool battery
    Model Number:Makita 24V 3000mAh
    Type:18v Lithium battery
    Nominal Voltage:18V makita
    Size:114.80 x 74.55 x 68mm
    Nominal Capacity:3.0Ah/3000mah
    Cycle life:1000 Times
    Certificate:CE, RoHS,FCC,ROHS
    Warranty:1 year
    Service:Technique Support, Professional Solution
    Cell:100% original Sumsung, LG cells
    Application:makita 24v power tool combo kit, cordless drill
    Battery type:Lithium Ion battery 24v 3ah
    Keywords:B2420 B2430 BH2420 battery

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details:1.Packing with anti- static bags and sponge inside,1 PCS battery into one inner box.
    2.The package can be customized to meet your requirement.
    Delivery Detail:3-5 days

    Makita 24v 3000mAh Replacement Power Tool Battery B2420 B2430 BH2420 battery
    Product Description
    Makita Power tool combo kit battery details:

    1.100% Brand new battery makita
    2.Grade A battery li-ion cell (SAMSUNG 18650 BATTERY CELL)
    3.12 Months warranty
    4.100% replace Makita original battery&charger

    Place of originGuangdong China(Mainland)
    Company Logoshenzhen cofttek
    Itemmakita power tools lithium ion battery
    Battery type24V 3.0Ah NiMh battery
    Size114.80 x 74.55 x 65.20mm
    Voltage24v 24 volt 
    Battery Capacity3000mah/3.0ah 
    ApplicationMakita power tool combo kit
    Compatible P/N

    Makita 194204-5, 194205-3, 194309-1, 

    BL1815, BL1830, BL1835, BL1840, LXT400, XRU02Z

    Fit power toolMakita BDA350, BDA350F, BDA350RFE, BDA350Z, BDA351, BDA351RFE, BDA351Z
    CertificateCE,ROHS,UL,FCC etc
    Delivery Time3-5days after product approved
    Payment TermT/T,PayPal
    Packagecustomized design and standard export packing

    2015 hottest makita power tools lithium ion battery bl1830 -lithium ion items

    Compatible makita power tools lithium ion battery P/N:
    Makita 24v 194205-3, Makita194309-1, Makita BL1845,Makita BL1830, Makita LXT400, Makita BL1815, Makita BL1835, Makita BL1840, Makita XRU02Z

    Fit makita power tools lithium ion battery model:
    MAKITA BBO Series:
    BBO180, BBO180Z
    MAKITA BCL Series:
    BCF201, BCL180, BCL180F, BCL180W, BCL180Z, BCL180ZW, BCL182, BCL182Z
    MAKITA BCS Series:
    BCS550, BCS550F, BCS550RFE, BCS550Z
    MAKITA BDASeries:
    BDA350, BDA350F, BDA350RFE, BDA350Z, BDA351, BDA351RFE, BDA351Z
    MAKITA BDF Series:
    BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE, BDF451Z, BDF452, BDF452RFE, BDF452RHE, BDF452SHE, BDF452Z, BDF453RHE, BDF453SHE, BDF453Z, BDF454F, BDF454RFE, BDF454Z, BDF456RFE, BDF456Z, BDF458
    MAKITA BFR Series:
    BFR550, BFR550F, BFR550L, BFR550RFE, BFR550Z, BFR550ZX, BFR750, BFR750F, BFR750L, BFR750RFE, BFR750Z
    MAKITA BFS Series:
    BFS450, BFS450F, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z, BFS451RFE, BFS451Z
    MAKITA BGA Series:
    BGA402RFE, BGA402Z, BGA452, BGA452F, BGA452RFE, BGA452Z
    MAKITA BGD Series:
    BGD800, BGD800RFE, BGD800Z, BGD801, BGD801RFE, BGD801Z
    MAKITA BHP Series:
    BHP450, BHP451, BHP451RFE, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z, BHP452, BHP452HW, BHP452RFE, BHP452SHE, BHP452Z, BHP453, BHP453RFE, BHP453RHE, BHP453RHEX, BHP453SHE, BHP453Z, BHP454, BHP454F, BHP454RFE, BHP454Z, BHP456RFE, BHP456RFE3, BHP456RFWX, BHP456Z, BHP458
    MAKITA BHR Series:
    BHR202, BHR202F, BHR202RFE, BHR202RFE3, BHR202RFWX, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z BHR241, BHR241F, BHR241RFE, BHR241Z, BHR242RFE, BHR242RFEV, BHR242Z, BHR243RFE, BHR243RFEV, BHR243Z
    MAKITA BHS Series:
    BHS630RFE, BHS630Z
    MAKITA BJR Series:
    BJN161, BJR181, BJR181F, BJR181RF, BJR181RFE, BJR181X, BJR181X1, BJR181Z, BJR182, BJR182F BJR182X, BJR182Z
    MAKITA BJS Series:
    BJS101RFE, BJS130, BJS130F, BJS130RFE, BJS130Z, BJS161, BJS161F, BJS161RFE, BJS161Z
    MAKITA BJV Series:
    BJV180, BJV180F, BJV180RF, BJV180RFE, BJV180Z
    MAKITA BKP Series:
    BKP180, BKP180RF, BKP180RFE, BKP180Z
    MAKITA BML Series:
    BLS713RFE, BML186, BML800, BML801 BMR050
    MAKITA BO Series:
    BO180D, BO180DRF, BO180DZ
    MAKITA BPB Series:
    BPB180, BPB180F, BPB180Z
    MAKITA BPJ Series:
    BPJ140, BPJ180
    MAKITA BPT Series:
    BPT351, BPT351RFE, BPT351Z
    MAKITA BSS Series:
    BSS501, BSS501F, BSS501RFE, BSS501Z, BSS610, BSS610F, BSS610RF, BSS610RFE, BSS610SFE, BSS610X2, BSS610Z, BSS611F, BSS611X, BSS611Z
    MAKITA BST Series:
    BST221F, BST221RFE, BST221X, BST221Z
    MAKITA BTD Series:
    BTD129, BTD129RFE, BTD129SHE, BTD129Z BTD140, BTD140RFE, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z, BTD141, BTD141Z, BTD142HW, BTD142RHE, BTD142SHE, BTD142Z, BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z, BTD145RFE, BTD145Z, BTD146D, BTD146RFE, BTD146SHE, BTD146Z, BTD147, BTDW251Z
    MAKITA BTL Series:
    BTL061 BTL061F, BTL061RFE, BTL061Z, BTL063, BTL063F

    Platinum Guarantee :
    1.Only choose LG or Samsung Korean brand as our Li-ion cell.300% better than Chinese brand cell.
    Anyone find our cell isn't from LG or Samsung and get 10PCS compensation.
    2.Warranty: 12 months.only 0.1% below defective products.

    More makita power tools lithium ion battery pictures:

    - Warranty: 12 months warranty
    - Rechargeable Li-ion high-performance , 18V /3000mAh
    - From the high quality SAMSUNG, LG battery cells
    - It is not an original product , 100% compatible with the original battery
    - Can be recharged with any standard or original power supply
    - Overheat protection, overload protection and short-circuit proof
    - No memory effect due to the quality and technology Li-Ion
    - Replaces following battery types : BL1830; BL1815;194205-3 and identical

    Cordless drill battery Production flow:

    Cordless drill battery Certification:

    Our Company:

    Packaging & Shipping



    1.We provide 12 month warranty.
    2.Buyer can be returned the goods in 7 days if received goods with quality problem.
    3.Please contact us for further communication before return the goods to us.Goods must be packed in well condition for return.
    4.The selling price of the item will be refunded.Buyer responsible for return shipping cost.

    Payment Method
    1.We accept T/T , PayPal , Western union and moneygram.
    2.If you prefer other payment terms,please contact us.

    Please match battery part number for the correct replacement.
    Why purchase from cofttek?
    1.Shenzhen cofttek is a proud A+ Rated member of Better Business Bureau
    2.OEM power tool batteries tend to cost more than an aftermarket power tool battery.
    3.Shenzhen cofttek offers most varieties of high quality aftermarket power tool batteries that meet your budget and need.
    4.We guarantee to provide brand new high quality replacement batteries with REAL SPECIFICATIONS, e.g. Capacity Rating (AH or mAh), Type (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, or Li-Ion)
    5.Our aggressive pricing allows us to distribute only the freshest batteries ensuring you receive the best performing batteries available.