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What Are The Uses For An 18 Volt Dewalt Cordless Drill

Edit:ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd  Date:Apr 12, 2016

The cordless drill is as common in the homeowner's toolbox as the hammer and pliers because it performs so many useful tasks. Freed from the constraints of the power chord by a long-lasting and powerful 20V Dewalt DCB200 battery pack, the 18 volt Dewalt cordless drill can bore holes, fill them with screws and mix the mud to cover them up. The power of the tool enables it to attack the toughest materials while being adjustable enough to drive the smallest screws without stripping the heads.

An 18 volt Dewalt drill excels at its primary task of boring holes. Drilling wood or metal with bits up to the chuck size pose no problems. Spade bits for hardwood or long masonry bits used in concrete can be used in the drill but will put a strain on the battery if asked to run continuously for too long. Approach these tasks in stages, allowing the drill to cool down before continuing.

The Dewalt DCB200 cordless drill battery has become the standard tool for driving screws, replacing the monotony of a long session with a screwdriver. The Dewalt will drive many screws into wood, metal or wallboard before the battery needs to be charged. The multiple settings of the clutch enable the homeowner to set a screw to any level without stripping the heads. In addition to fine brass screws, an 18-volt drill is also capable of driving heavy lag screws if not pushed too hard.

Installing a mixing paddle in a cordless drill enables you to mix substances like thinset or grout right at the work site, even if there is no electricity present. To save the battery and motor in the drill, select a paddle designed for the lower torque of a cordless tool.

There are a variety of buffing pads and wire brush accessories that are designed to fit in the chuck of a cordless drill. The Dewalt cordless drill battery for DCB200 is a good choice for driving these tools in locations where there is no convenient source of power. You must exercise caution though and be careful not to run the tool continuously for too long as damage to the motor may occur.