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Something About The Power Drills


Cordless drill power is measured in volts, with the most powerful models being up to 20 volts. Most home users will be happy with a drill in the 12-16 volt range. As a warning, the higher the voltage of the drill, the heavier it will be.

Corded drill power is measured in amps, with power increasing as the amperage rises. An 8-amp corded drill is great for home use.


Some drills have multiple speed options, with the lower speed being for driving screws and the higher speed being for drilling holes. If the primary use of your drill will be to drill holes, a single speed drill in the 1000 rpm range will fit the bill.


The clutch reacts to resistance, and helps protect against stripping screws and driving screws too deep. Not every drill has an adjustable clutch, but it's a nice feature to have if you'll be frequently using your drill as a driver.


The chuck is the piece of the drill where the bit is inserted. There are several options ranging from 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch, with the 1/2-inch chuck being best suited for heavy duty applications. A 3/8-inch chuck will give a home user the most versatility with the ability to use both fine and heavy bits. Chucks can either be operated with a key, or be keyless, which is operated by hand. Keyless chucks are convenient and remove the fear of accidental key loss (making your drill unusable until a replacement is found).

Forward/Reverse Switch

The reverse function allows for screw removal. It comes in handy when you have cabinets or furniture pieces to dismantle, or for the occasional misplaced screw.