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Rechargeable Battery Cycle Life

Rechargeable Battery Cycle Life

The overall life of the power tools battery, usually expressed as the number of charge cycles that it can withstand before completely losing its charge capacity or ability to transfer energy. For example, NiCd power tool batteries tend to have a cycle life of 1,000 charges (cycles) or more.  

All rechargeable power tools batteries eventually wear out, although they wear out for different reasons. 

Age, use, and memory effect can all contribute to the inevitable death of a power tool battery, depending on the cordless drills battery type.

Users often have to choose between a long cycle life and other attractive features, like run time. For example, because they can run longer between charges than other tools battery types, the shorter cycle life of Li-Ion batteries isn't usually a problem for users who care more about keeping their tool in operation for longer periods.