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Power Tool Batteries Guide

Edit:ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd  Date:Apr 05, 2016

The cordless tool running time and the power, the tool outputs are controlled by the power tool batteries.There are a few types of batteries for power tools, and each of the power tools batteries has different maintenance and usability requirements. It is important, but remember that a tool is only as good as it is power tool battery.

Stress is a measure of the strength of electrical source . Batteries for power tools contain generally cells with a voltage of 1.2 V, 1.5 V or 3.6 v use this cell batteries which have can produce a voltage of somewhere between 3.6 V and 48v manufacturer. In General: the higher the voltage, the more difficult will be the battery, and the more force is there been able.

The voltage of a battery not necessarily on the specific power, that however the tool output. This is dictated the internal components more by the quality and design of the tool, in particular the transfer. It is therefore quite common, to a high-quality 14.4V tool, which is stronger than to find a low quality 18V tool.

Batteries that have a voltage between 3.6 V and 12V, are designed in light tools, while those who are a tension between 14,4 V and 36V manufactured tools for use on heavier duty. The most common stress among manufacturers are used (due to its weight, cost, and possible performance) is 18V.