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Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries For Power Tools

Yesterday, we talked about the NiCd power tools battery, now let anylsing the Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery, the NiMH battery is also widly used in power tools brand such as Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch...

NiMH drills battery is more expesive than NiCd drills battery, but it also features some improvements over the NiCd drills battery. Here shows below:

1. NiMH tools battery damages the evironment far less than the NiCd tools battery.

2. The capacity of the NiMh tools battery is much greater than the NiCd ones. Sometimes 2 or even 3 times greater, because of the better energy density.

3. NiMH power tools battery is much lighter than NiCd power tools battery.

4. NiMH power tools battery is less expensive than Li-Ion power tools battery.

However, it also have disadvantages as below:

1. NiMH power tools battery is sensitive to improper storage and charging conditions, it needs to be stored and maintained properly to extend its cycle life.

2. NiMH power tools battery is more sensitive to both high and low temperatures than NiCd tools battery.It is bettery to store and use them between 33°F and 103°F

3. NiMH power tools battery is far more damaged when unused or in a state of deep discharger.The lifespan and storage capacity will shorten.

4. NiMH tools battery should be charged at 70% capacity like NiCd tools battery.

5. NiMH tools battery should be deep discharged every three months to circumvent memory effect like NiCd battery.

All in all, the Ni-Mh battery has below features:

1. Cycle life depends on storage and maintenance, but can reach that of NiCd batteries

2. Fast self-discharge of 20%-30%

3. 2.2Ah to 3.0Ah capacity

4. Fast charge times

5. Moderate maintenance which typically includes a deep discharge once every 3 months

6. Less memory effect than that of NiCd batteries when properly maintained

7. Very sensitive to heat