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New Power Tool Battery --Metabo 5.2 Li-ion Power Tool Battery Come Out--I

Ultra-M technology - a secure investment
"Our developers really thought about the Metabo customer of today and of tomorrow when they worked on this system.  The Ultra-M technology combines maximum performance with what we believe to be the longest battery life time worldwide.  We have 100% compatibility with all voltage classes using the Metabo Li-ion ‘slide-in’ battery platform and all battery generations to come. Although globally we are not the largest provider of cordless power tools, at present we are one of the most innovative thanks to our Ultra-M technology.  One strong benefit professionals have working with our tools is the fact that all chargers used at present can be used to charge all future batteries - today and tomorrow. This gives total compatibility and makes for a secure investment for our customers", says Mr Garbrecht. "The new standard of freedom that comes along with 5.2 Ah also expresses itself in the way we are introducing the technology to the market: We offer the professional complete freedom and thus cost efficiency by virtue of a new Pick+Mix system to choose his individual sets consisting of different machines, chargers, batteries and transport solutions."