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New Makita 18V Power Source Has 2 Independent High-Power USB Ports

18V power sources are pretty awesome. They’re smallish accessories that slide right into your Li-ion battery pack, and provide USB ports for charging your electronic devices in a pinch. They come in very handy.

Dewalt offers one, and so does Milwaukee, and now Makita has come out with one as well.

The Makita ADP05 18V USB power source has 2 USB ports that can each deliver up to 2.1A of power, independently. In other words, the Makita 18V power source can deliver up to 4.2A of total current output when both ports are connected and active.

A belt clip on the top of the power source is a plus, and allows for easy portability. But, it also adds slightly to the size. I don’t think I would want to attach a high capacity battery pack to my belt, due to the weight, but it’s good to have the option.

One feature missing from this Makita power port is a built-in battery fuel gauge, which should have been easy to implement. Makita has only recently come out with batteries that have built-in fuel gauges, and so a fuel gauge on this power source would have been very handy, not only for when using it as a power source, but for checking the charge level of batteries on the go.

Even so, the lack of a battery fuel gauge doesn’t make this any less of a must-have accessory.

If you’re a Makita 18V user, you’ll probably want to pick this up.