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Makita’s Cordless DCS551Z Cuts Through Metal With Ease!

Makita has launched another 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless tool battery to its range, the Metal Cutter. This tool is going to make the lives of users such as roofers and cladders a whole lot easier. With a maximum cutting capacity of 57,5mm when it comes to cutting round pipe, angle iron, channels, thin metal, rods and aluminium the DCS551Z will cut through in a single cut with ease.

The Makita DCS551Z has a brushless motor and is fitted with automatic speed control, which automatically changes the cutting mode according to the load conditions for optimum operation. When you are using your DCS551Z for light duty applications the tool will use the high-speed rotation mode and for heavy-duty applications it will automatically select the high torque mode.

This model has a blade diameter of 150mm with a bore of 20mm and there are a variety of TCT saw blades available for different applications (sold separately).  The DCS551Z has an electric brake that stops the blade rotation fast but gently, allowing the user to quickly resume operation.  It has twin LED job lights with a pre- and afterglow function, which is a convenient addition when working in a dark environment.

It has an ergonomic soft grip handle that provides comfortable grip and control of the tools, while minimizing hand fatigue and pain.  There is a rubberized lever for quick and easy depth adjustment and the Makita battery fuel gauge will show you the charge left in your battery.

The DCS551Z Metal Cutter is compatible with the Makita 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries(45 minutes charge time), 4.0Ah (36 minutes charge time), 3.0Ah (22 minutes charge time) and 1.5Ah (15 minutes charge time) Lithium-Ion batteries.

The Makita batteries and the Makita charger are sold separately. The rechargeable and eco-friendly 18V Li-Ion Makita batteries provide longer run time.

For further information or your nearest Makita dealer, contact Jean-Pierre Du Plessis on 011 878-2600 or visit our website