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Makita 18V LXT 5.0Ah Battery

Makita has released 18V LXT 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries in other parts of the world, but these batteries aren’t expected to be available in the USA until at least “summer 2014.”

As previously discussed, there seems to be a compatibility issue between the 4.0Ah battery pack and certain tools, but Makita USA declined to comment on the matter and said that more information won’t be available until the summertime.

Although Makita isn’t being clear about which of their 18V LXT tools aren’t compatible with the upcoming battery pack, international readers have reported that Makita’s 4.0Ah battery pack does not work with their LXT jig saw, high torque impact wrench, die grinder, cut-off tool/angle grinder, and possibly some of their earlier hammer drills. It’s all a vague and hazy confusing mess.

Makita USA has not been very helpful in clarifying the matter, so I have been doing some research to see what kind of information I could dig up.
Here's what I found:

Makita is releasing new 18V LXT grease guns in the USA and elsewhere. In Canada, the model number for the grease gun is DCG180. Taking a look at the owner’s manual (PDF), the specifications table explicitly mentions a BL1850 battery pack.

Makita’s battery pack model numbers describe their voltage and capacity.

BL1850 means that the battery pack has a nominal voltage of 18V and charge capacity of 5.0Ah. Similarly, their BL1830 battery pack has a capacity of 3.0Ah, and their BL1840 battery pack has a capacity of 4.0Ah.