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How To Charge And Discharge NiCd Batteries

Edit:ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd  Date:Mar 29, 2016

Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries were one of the first types of portable rechargeable battery; there's now nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and lithium polymer available. Each BOSCH 2 607 335 210 battery has positive and negative benefits and a NiCd battery is no different. If you charge and discharge your NiCd battery correctly, you can expect it to last longer than a lithium-based battery, but incorrect charging and discharging can result in your NiCd battery going dead quickly.

Use you NiCd battery to power your electrical device, but ensure you allow the battery to nearly fully discharge before charging. If you see the battery indicator level drop a little and are tempted to put it on charge, resist the urge. Recharging when the battery is nearly full causes an inability to charge correctly.

Check the battery indicator level occasionally and when the level gets to about 20 percent full, put the battery on charge. Place the battery in the charger unit, or if it's an internal NiCd battery, such as cell phone, insert the charging unit's plug into the charge socket on your device. Turn on your charger. Always let the NiCd battery charge until full, and then remove the MAKITA BHP454Z drill battery from the charger.

Fully discharge your NiCd battery every six months or so. Find a convenient time to do this since it takes a while. Let your device operate until it stops or turns off. Don't recharge the battery at this time; leave the battery for an hour or so then turn on your device. It operates for a while. Repeat this a couple more times, until it doesn't turn on. This means your NiCd battery is totally discharged.

Put your battery on charge once it's totally discharged. Let it charge until the battery for HITACHI BCL 1015 is at full capacity. This takes time, but the process of fully discharging and recharging restores your NiCd battery to near its original condition.