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Bosch Blue Adds Three New Products To Its Powerful 18V Cordless Range

Edit:ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd  Date:Mar 11, 2016

Extremely resilient four-pole high-performance motor

--Compact design and low weight for comfortable working

--Super fast: no-load speed of 22,000 revolutions per minute

Professional tradesmen need look no further when it comes to grinding and sanding: Bosch Blue has launched the GGS 18 V-LI Professional cordless straight grinder.

The cordless GGS 18 V-LI gives tradesmen the freedom to work in tight spaces and boasts a robust, resilient four-pole high-performance motor. The grinder can be operated comfortably with one hand due to its light weight (1.8 kg) and compact design. It also has an extremely short neck and slim handle with softgrip covering.

The grinder is equipped with a specially hardened 6 mm collet which holds standard accessories for sanding, grinding and routing applications. The easy-to-use on/off switch in the grip area has a special “two motion switch” mechanism to prevent uncontrolled tool startup.

Charged by a 3.0 Ah Premium battery, the GGS 18 V-LI Professional is extremely powerful. It also ensures fast work thanks to a no-load speed of 22,000 revolutions per minute.

The smallest cordless rotary hammers in their class: Bosch launches new 18V “Compact” cordless rotary hammer in the 18 volt class

Small and handy with a length of just 278 mm

--Weight with battery: only 1.9 kg (18 volt)

--Pneumatic hammer mechanism for drilling holes up to 12 mm in concrete

The new 18V “Compact” cordless rotary hammer from Bosch makes work easy for professional tradesmen. The GBH 18 V-LI Compact is the smallest and lightest cordless rotary hammer in its class. It weighs only 1.9 kgs and is just 278 mm in length.

With a handle and drill shaft that are perfectly aligned, the hammers ensure precision work. They are comfortable and safe to use thanks to their slim handle with softgrip coverings.

Perfect for small to medium drilling and screw work, the hammer offers 1 joule of impact energy and speeds of up to 1,050 revolutions per minute. These are continuously variable using an accelerator switch.

Thanks to a pneumatic hammer mechanism, the hammer drills holes of up to 12 mm diameter in concrete. Flexibility is also ensured with the two tool settings – “drilling with impact” and “drilling without impact”.

The cordless rotary hammer GBH 18 V-LI Compact Professional is available in a carton as a Bare Tool 

The brightest pocket-sized Work Light: the new GLI VariLED Professional from Bosch

--Brightest light in its class thanks to three innovative Power LEDs

--Versatility ensured with adjustable light beam and nine lighting angles

--Powered by Bosch’s 18 volt lithium-ion batteries

Bosch has launched the Cordless Work Light GLI VariLED Professional to give professional tradesmen the best lighting conditions needed for work in enclosed spaces and on outdoor construction sites.

Lighting conditions on construction sites can be very poor – professional tradesmen often have to settle for simple lamps and neon tubes, which can be unreliable and are prone to overheating.

Bosch’s new work light with Premium lithium-ion technology boasts the brightest light in its class thanks to three Power LEDs which give the GLI VariLED Professional the power for up to 300 lux of illuminance.

The light has nine settable lighting angles to suit every need and is pocket sized, with a 130x78x41 mm dimension (not including battery). It can be used as a torch with a spot light beam for pinpoint illumination of dark areas, as well as a work light in flood mode for lighting up larger work areas. An innovative folding mechanism also makes the Bosch work light compact and handy.

The GLI VariLED Professional can be powered by all 18 volt lithium-ion batteries from Bosch. If a work area requires targeted illumination, the light can be easily fixed in position using a practical hard rubber strap. Its tough housing makes the GLI VariLED Professional extremely robust – the work light remains fully functional even after falling onto concrete from a height of two meters! Tradesmen will also enjoy the advantages of cordless freedom thanks to the Premium lithium-ion technology.

Bosch Premium lithium-ion batteries with “Electronic Cell Protection”

The long lifetime of the Bosch Premium batteries owes to the “Electronic Cell Protection” (ECP). It protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge. There is also no memory effect, and the batteries are ready for use even if they have not been used for months.