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Make power tool more powerful with Samsung Cell

Extended usage time

Samsung SDI provides a 3.0 Ah product, which is the world’s highest capacity among the Li-ion battery for power tools. We continue to research and develop a new technology for batteries so as to hold our technology leadership. With increased capacity, power tools can be used for a longer period of time with the same number of cells as the existing products.

Enable Light weight

By using cells with the world’s highest capacity and power, Samsung SDI can make battery packs of the same capacity with fewer cells, which allows for the production of lighter power tools.

Powerful product line-up

Samsung SDI has an extensive line-up of cells with various power and capacity that can be used in any power tool. We can provide a cell that best suits a customer’s needs.

World’s No. 1 Li-ion battery for power tools

Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells for power tools are the most frequently purchased battery packs by major power tool companies worldwide. Their outstanding quality and safety contribute to the improved quality and performance of the power tools produced by our customers.