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How to tell if the power tool battery you get is real capacity as the label?

As we all know  for one laptop battery it have 4 cells,8 cells,6 cells  12 cells ect.

As well as  the power tool battery.

First, we have to know the details of 18650 cells ,set up a sample with Samsung/LG

1 voltage each 18650 cell is 3.6V

2 Capacity, it is ranges:1300mAh,1500mAh, 2000mAh, 2500mAh, 3000mAh ect.

So we are here,

How to get a 18V battery?

5 cells in a series circuit it is 3.6V*5=18V

How to get a 3000mAh/3Ah capacity battery pack?

We have 2 solutions

1) one 3000mAh cell

2) two 1500mAh cells in parallel circuit.

So we know for Makita BL1830 it could be

1) 10 pcs 1500mAh cells

2) 5 pcs 3000mAh cells 

Both of ways can reach it , and make sure that the shell can contain it.

Then here is the Queston, How abot Makita BL1845 and Makita BL1860?