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How to Revive and Restore Your NiCd NiCad Drill Battery

Cordless Drill makes a variety of cordless power tools powered by nickel cadmium (NiCad) battery packs. NiCad battery packs contain multiple cells: the number of cells depends on the amount of voltage required to power the tool. NiCad battery packs need to be fully discharged on a regular basis (every six to 12 months) depending on usage. You probably recharge your NiCad Cordless Drill battery every time you’ve used your power tool, but this causes the battery to degenerate meaning loss of power and frequent charges.

Charge your NiCad Hiatchi Cordless Drill battery, even if it only takes a charge for a short while. To revive and restore it you need it to contain as much energy as possible.

Put the NiCad Cordless Drill battery into the power tool. Set it to run on full power if it has a variable speed controller; otherwise, just set it running.

Let the power tool take all the energy from the Cordless Drill NiCad battery until it completely stops running. You'll find the power tool and the battery are warm, or even hot. Let both cool completely; expect to wait for up to an hour. It’s important the battery cools as during this process it regains some energy.

Turn on the power tool. Surprisingly it will run, although slowly. Let it run until it stops; it doesn’t take long. Let the Cordless Drill battery rest for 10 minutes to see if it regains any power. Turn on the power tool to check. If it runs, leave it until it stops and then repeat the process until it doesn’t run.

Let the Cordless Drill battery cool once it doesn’t operate your power tool. Put the NiCad battery on charge. It will take an hour or more to fully charge. The process of completely discharging the NiCad Black & Decker battery has revived and restored it. Tiny crystals inside the NiCad cells have been broken down so the cells can hold more energy.

Remove the Milwaukee Cordless Drill NiCad battery from the charger once it’s stopped charging. Let it rest for a while, then use as normal. You find it produces more power to operate your power tool and will last considerably longer.