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How to Revive 18 Volt DeWalt Batteries

DeWalt rechargeable batteries are used to power many of their portable electric tools. Originally the 18 volt DeWalt DW9094 battery contained 12 nickel cadmium (NiCd) cells each producing 1.2 volts, but battery technology has improved so now a new 18 volt DeWalt battery contains 4 lithium ion (Li-ion) cells each producing 3.6 volts. However, both types of cells can only be charged a certain number of times before you find they don't last long between charging. The method for reviving both is the same, although the revival rate for Li-ion batteries is not as good as NiCd batteries.

Charge your DeWalt 18 volt NiCd or Li-ion battery until the charger indicates the battery is fully charged. Turn off the charger and place the battery in the power tool it operates.

Turn on the device. Set the power on the tool to the highest setting so it uses energy from the DeWalt 14.4 volt battery quickly.

Allow the power tool to run until it stops. Turn off the power tool. Let the battery rest for a while; 15 minutes to half an hour is fine, just check the battery is cool before continuing.

Turn on the power tool. You find it operates, but fairly slowly. Let it continue to run until it turns off. Li-ion batteries have internal devices that prevent it discharging fully; usually when 5 percent energy remains, but NiCd Dewalt DW9091 batteries will fully discharge, so it takes longer.

Attempt to turn on the power tool again. If it operates, let it run until it stops then repeat the process until it doesn't operate. If it doesn't operate, the battery is either fully discharged, if it's a NiCd battery, or discharged to about 5 percent, if it's a Li-ion battery.

Remove the battery from the power tool. Let the battery cool completely and then replace it in the charging unit. Turn on the charger and let it charge. The longer it takes to charge, the better the chances that you have revived the DeWalt battery.

Turn off the charger, once the charger indicates the DeWalt DW9072 battery is full. Use your battery normally and if you have successfully revived it you find your power tool has more energy and lasts longer.