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Hot sellers power tool batteries list in American

Edit:ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd      Date:Apr 08, 2016

NO.1 Dewalt 20V 3Ah-5Ah li-ion battery

NO.2 Dewalt 18V 2Ah/3Ah Ni-MH battery

NO.3 Dewalt 14.4V 3Ah Ni-MH

NO.4 Dewalt 14.4V li-ion battery

NO.5 Milwaukee 18V 2Ah-5Ah li-ion battery

NO.6 Milwaukee M12 batteries( It seems that the whole North American are populare)

NO.7 Makita 9.6V battery NI-CD

NO.8 Makita BL1830 battery