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4ifr19/66 Hfc1865 Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Basic Info

Model NO.:HFC1865Type:Lithium Battery
Charger Type:Electric ChargerCharger Application:Customized
Nominal Voltage:12.8VCharger Style:Trickle Charger
Compatible Battery Type:18650Certification:KC, RoHS, UL, CE
Socket Type:For UKRecyclable:Recyclable
Package:Standard Export CartonSpecification:40*40*70mm, 12.8V, 1300mAh
Voltage:3.2V, 6.4V,9.6V / 12.8V... CustomizeDimension:18*65mm
Capacity:1300mAhSafety Feature:Safest Lithium Battery Over The World
Super High Rate Discharge:10cSuper Temperature Resistance:Minus 25 to 75 Degree C
Super Long Life Time:2,000 Times to 1,200 TimesSuper Fast Charge:Several Seconds Are Available
Asemble/Package:Easily Soldering on PCM or PCBConsistence:High Consistency for Fully Automatic Producing

Dimension: 18*65mma
Voltage:3.2V LiFePO4
Discharge rate:15C lithium cylinder battery .
High discharging and charging rate, maximum 30C. Quick charge and high electric working current.
Rechargeable battery with long cycle life. Can up to 500 cycles under high discharging rate .
Super safety,
Battery fully charged and shortcircuited. The guide pins will melt but no
flame and explosion
Battery fully charged and placed under water
All tests approve that Huahui battery is the safest lithium battery over the world
Super wide temperature scope, continuous working under -30°C to at 75°C, high security, no fire, no explosion.
No memory effect, good quality performance, various size are available to custom, environmental friendly.
Professional manufacturer of lithium ion battery with capacitor structure.
Application, suit for RC toys, electric tools, vacuum clean, security equipments, etc .
9. 1 year warranty
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Battery special features:
1.Battery owns demostic & US patent. Ptent:ZL201010197892.0
2.Excellent safety performance. Our super Li-ion battery adopt unique anti-explosion valve, instead of the safety explosion-proof line used by traditional Li-ion battery. Directional leaked controls the safety problem of the battery.
3. Lead Directive, syntropy lead. Our battery uses the technic of riveting electrode and lead directly, abandoning battery cap welding with electrode as traditional battery. In this way, lower the rate of lack of solder and reduce the resistance. Positive and negtive electrode can be solder on the PCM board, lower the point welding technology, and internal resistance.
4. Special sealing matters. Aluminum housing combine with sealing rubber ,lower the risk of poor sealing, leakage at welding line,improve the heat dispersion,heat stability,vibration resistance.
5.Full automatic production, excellent consistency. All the super battery is made by fully automated production equipment, lower the error by manual operation, by this mean, the battery keeps the high consistency.
6. Excellent electrical property. Super Li-battery, with reqular shape, light weight, high performance features, performance well in wide temperature spread. High discharge platform, high discharge rate, low self discharge,long storage life.
7. Patners: Philips,Begehlli,Harman,NEW BRIGHT...
ShenZhen Dingkangda Technoloy Co., Ltd is a Company that specialized in producing and selling replacement Li-ion & Nickel batteries and chargers for well-known brand tools.Such as Makita series, Bosch series, Dewalt series, Milwaukee series, Hitachi series, Ryobi series, Black&Decker series, Craftsman series, Panasonic series, Metabo series, Festool series, Paslode series, Lincold series, AEG series, Irobot Roobma, Dyson,Macbook batteries,Apple batteries series and so on. Meanwhile we have our own product series -- COFTTEK, as well as OEM/ODM service for your own brand is welcome.

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